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Youth Mission Trip Opportunity

Summer Mission Trip Made Simple and Easy

This is not your typical mission trip! Stay stateside and join us for an affordable, week long experience where your team can grow closer to each other, and learn dependence upon God while experiencing the culture of disability in America. On this trip, you will be sharing the love of Jesus to the most unreached people in America, the disabled community. This is a trip that is made easy with online applications, marketing resources, low cost, and an established program that will make your trip a success!

Below is more information on why we serve the disability community, what a day of camp looks like, step by step instructions on how to sign up your team, downloadable and online marketing resources and FAQs.

The Culture of Disability

A mission trip to Camp Daniel is an immersive experience into the culture of disability. 1 in 5 Americans have a disability, yet people with disabilities are the most unreached people group in the US. Historically, this group has been excluded based on what they can’t do, rather than included based on what they can do. This exclusion has formed a sub-culture with its own social norms. At Camp Daniel, worlds collide as people with and without disabilities get to experience life together while learning about being in relationship with God and participating in adapted, competitive recreation activities.

As youth group leaders our greatest passion and ultimate joy is when we see a student commit their life to Christ. Camp Daniel has a unique way of providing an environment that allows God to work through our weakness to bring out His beauty. Over the past 10 years I have walked side by side with students as their live are transformed and their hearts are renewed in a way that only God can do. The environment at Camp Daniel demonstrates and mirrors what we as Christians should strive to be, accepting, forgiving and encouraging. Our ministry is strengthened when we struggle, work and serve Him together.

-PatrickYouth Pastor

About Our Summer Camps

Camp Daniel offers campers with disabilities a fun and loving experience that goes beyond a typical camping program. Campers lives are transformed as they encounter the love of God through fun, dedicated and caring individuals who volunteer to serve as counselors. The week-long program is designed to bring constant opportunities for social, spiritual, and personal growth through competitive recreation, chapel, small groups, themed meals, talent shows, dances and more. By week’s end each camper understands that God made them, loves them and has a plan for their lives.

Each year over 200 people with disabilities from all around the mid-west spend a week Camp Daniel, having an experience that many describe as the best week of their year. We invite YOU this summer to participate in the excitement of competitive recreation, engaging entertainment, and building lifelong friends in an inclusive environment.

We value multi-generational community, where every generation is represented to create a full family.

Our volunteers’ ages must reflect the age range of our campers, ages 8-70+. There are volunteer positions for ages 14 to 99!

Competitive Recreation

Teamwork and healthy competition are important concepts at Camp Daniel. Each week, camper and counselor pairs are placed on one of two teams to earn points during free-time and group rec activities. Points are tallied throughout the week as team spirit and anticipation for the grand championship title build. At the end of the week, the winning team takes home a medal. For many campers, the Red Team vs. Blue Team competition is their favorite aspect of camp and is a great time of learning sportsmanship and teamwork.

Group Rec Activities: Relay Races, Kickball & Messy Games.

Free Time Activities:  Swimming, Paddle Boating, Fishing, Archery, Bingo, Bowling,  Game Room, Nature Center, Crafts, Corn Hole, Bocce ball, Carpet ball.


Fun & Games
We have many recreation areas open during free time including our Game Room which holds every classic board game, pinball, pool, air hockey and more. We also have many different tournaments such as carpet ball, corn hole, bocce, basketball, bowling, and achey. During free time our lakefront is also open where we have swimming, fishing, and boating. In between activities campers can refuel & indulge in an endless amount of treats at one of our two snack stands on campus.


Another way we encourage creativity at camp is in the Factory. The Factory, is our craft cabin where each camper makes two different planned crafts during the week and also has a chance to come and create their own artwork during studio time. Campers can create artwork and submit it to the Thousand Stars Art Show that is displayed on Friday night for all of camp to see.

Nature Center
Camp’s nature center, the Little Newton Expedition Outpost is home to native wildlife, camp pets, and other natural specimens for our campers to explore and learn about. This is a space for hands-on interactive experiences where campers can feel, see, and discover the natural world. The Outpost is focused on native wildlife, so that campers can learn more about the plants and animals that make their home in Northeast Wisconsin.

Ladies Tea
High Tea is a fun and relaxing environment for women to gather together to sip tea, eat cookies and enjoy quality time with fellow campers and counselors.

Each Friday Camp offer a spa day to all of our ladies leading up the the Night of A Thousand Stars, a grand finale of sorts to the week of camp. This spa day includes facials, hand massages, manicures, hair and makeup, and a time to pick out a fancy dress for the formal dinner that evening. This time of relaxation and pampering is treasured by our female campers and staff.


Evenings are for friendship, entertainment, and the spotlight. Evening entertainment includes a movie night at Camp Daniel’s Majestic Theater, dance parties, campfires, and of course, talent shows. Talent Shows are an important part of camp, where each and every camper is encouraged to take time to step outside their comfort zone and into the spotlight. These shows are a way that we ask campers and counselors to embrace our value of ‘being you.’ We believe all people have things that make them unique and have talents that they can share with others. Talent shows are a way that we invite people into exploring this. With a little encouragement, we find that each week of camp is filled with musicians, comedians, dancers, magicians, actors, and socialites. We love to see what campers and counselors come up with each week during these shows.

Theme Meals

At Camp Daniel, we take pride in offering fun activities that everyone can participate in, no matter their ability, and our theme meals are a perfect embodiment of that! Through our theme meals we celebrate different cultures and invite our campers into immersive experiences of creativity, imagination, and entertainment. Each unique theme is celebrated with food, music, costumes, contests, sing alongs, and characters.

Breakfasts:  Breakfast on the Farm  

Lunches:  Carnival, Pirate, German, Mexican 

Dinners:  Cowboy, Pep Rally, 50’s, Italian Wedding, French (formal)

Check out Camp Daniel’s Pinterest boards costume ideas!

Camp Daniel's Boards
Chapel & Small Groups

At Camp Daniel we believe that God made you, God loves you, and God has a plan for your life. We work this into all areas of camp in something we like to call ‘The All-Day Sermon.’ With this practice we work to notice God in each and every part of camp, from the rec field to in the cabin. In addition, twice daily everyone meets in groups to learn more about God. Chapel service; where campers participate in worship and a listen to a message. Small group; where campers meet with their cabin and discuss what they have been learning and how to apply it to their lives. By week’s end, each camper understands that God made them, loves them and has a plan for their lives.

A Day At Camp

Want to get a better idea of what a day at camp is like? Below is a sample of typical days at Camp Daniel. The schedule features all of the fun theme meals, all-camp rec activities, chapel services, talent shows, free time with several activity choices, and evening dances.

Get Started - Your Experience in 4 Simple Steps !

There are two service opportunities available to your students depending on age and desire. We have 8 girl CITs positions, 8 guy CITs positions, 4 PCITS positions (either gender), and a minimum of three leader positions. Being a Camp counselor (CIT) is the most impacting experience for students and campers. Below compares the two service opportunities.  

Counselor- in- Training (CIT)

Role: Counselors-in-Training (CIT) are paired with a camper with a disability to be their friend. Throughout the week, CITs will participate with their camper in typical summer camp activities like; fishing, swimming, competitive recreation, talent shows, chapel, dancing and more! Camp staff work with CITs on communication and any physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

There are 8 girl and 8 guy positions per youth group for each week of camp. Minimum of one leader (18+) per gender is required for a group. As a leader, you will be a Counselor serving alongside your students.

Training: There is no experience needed.  The first day of camp is a scheduled training day to properly prepare everyone for the week ahead. In addition to training, every counselor is directly supported by a cabin leader and there is a strong culture of supportive returning volunteers to assist where needed.  

Ages: 14-17 

Pit crew- in- Training (PCIT)

Role:Support Crew-in-Training keep all the parts of the camp puzzle moving behind the scenes. They work with the Camp Daniel staff to tackle tasks like; cleaning up after meals, cleaning bathrooms, setting up and running activities like bowling, fishing, kickball, relay races, etc, set up theme meal decor and more. Pit Crew/Workers also have down time to be able to build relationships with campers and other volunteers as well as participate in large group recreation events. 

We have four student PCIT positions per weeks of camp. One leader is required and will be directly working with this group of students.

Training: There is no experience needed.  The first day of camp is a scheduled training day to properly prepare everyone for the week ahead.  

Ages: 13+

Contact our Program Director to confirm availability and claim you’re week as a group. We currently only allow one youth missions team per week of camp. Positions fill up fast for groups so reach out right away!

Ruth Hucek, Program Director

715-927-3404 or

2022 Dates:

Week 1: June 25 - July 1

Week 2: July 9 - 15

Week 3: July 16-22

Week 4: July 30 - Aug 5

Applications for groups are due by May 26th!

Each student and leader must fill out a volunteer application online. A Social Security number, and insurance information is required of each individual and each must pass a background check. Out-of-state volunteers must provide their own background checks. Call our office at 715-757-3880 for questions regarding background checks.

Links to the online application can be found on our Home and Volunteer pages.

Direct Link to volunteer applications:

Apply Now!

Figure costs and start fundraising with your students.

Cost of Trip:

Students (17 and under) – $175 Fee

This covers food, lodging and the camp t-shirt for the week. There is a $25 discount if paid by May 19th. 

Leaders (18+) – FREE

The Camp theme shirt is $10 and can be purchased at the camp store when you arrive. Donations are accepted to cover $175 in expenses per person per week.

All the staff members at Camp Daniel are missionaries to people with disabilities and raise their own financial support. This is based on the belief that we are ministering to the disability culture. This belief extends to all positions at camp; thus, attending a week of camp as a leader, counselor, CIT or PCIT is a short-term mission trip. The process of fundraising is a fundamental part of being a missionary and your experience as a volunteer. With that said, we encourage you to embrace the fundraising process. 

Because most groups have been successful fundraising by sending out support letters, we strongly suggest this approach. A Camp Daniel staff member can help with the fundraising process, and work with individual students to write and edit their letters. We also offer an online platform to help students raise money, similar to GoFundMe, but on our very own Camp Daniel website. 

We want to make this process as simple and easy as possible for you. For more info on how to start fundraising, visit or contact our staff member, Evan Hartwig, at 715-891-0528 or He would love to help! 

Example Fundraising Page

I attended Camp Daniel for the first time when I was 15, with my youth group. Disability culture was totally new to me but the staff helped me communicate and build a loving relationship with my camper. Camp was a place where I learned to be a better version of myself. I was also able to grow my relationships with other campers, volunteers, and people in my own youth group. I learned the true meaning of unconditional love, selfless service, and genuine worship during my time at Camp Daniel. This was key point in my life and relationship with God. I’m so glad my youth pastor asked me to join the team. My life changed after that week.

-EvanFull Time Missionary


What is Camp Daniel? Camp Daniel is a Christian non-profit ministry, located in northeast Wisconsin, providing opportunities to people with disabilities. Camp Daniel specializes in weeklong summer camps. A camper with a disability get paired up with a counselor and they do traditional summer camp activities and learn about Jesus during the week. Camp Daniel also has Special Olympic teams, churches for and by people with disabilities, group homes and special events.


How old do you need to be to go on a mission trip? – 12+. Our youngest counselor is 14 and our oldest counselor this past year was 92! We look for a wide variety of ages because our campers are the ages of 8-80.


Do I need experience? No, no experience is necessary, just the willingness to learn. The first day at Camp is all training. We learn about disability, how camp functions, and we meet in small groups and answer any questions about an individual’s camper. You are NEVER alone and there is ALWAYS someone there to help.


How much does it cost to go on a mission trip?  If you are over the age of 18 it is free. Includes lodging, food etc. If you are under 18, it costs $175/person and there is a $25 discount if you pay by May 19th. Fundraising help can be provided.


What are Camp Daniel’s beliefs?  We work toward imparting the belief that each of us have value and been given gifts by God to offer others. We teach that God made us, God loves us and God has a plan for our life.


What denomination is Camp Daniel?  Camp Daniel is a nondenominational. We teach that God made you, God loves you, and God has a plan for your life.


What is the difference between a Counselor and a CIT? The only difference is age and level of supervision. If you are over the age of 18 you are considered a counselor, if you are 17 and under you are considered a Counselor –in-Training (CIT). It is the same “job” title. As a CIT, you will have even more people looking out for you and checking in to make sure things are going well. There is a fee associated with being under 18 as well.


What is the difference between being on Support Crew and Support Crew In Training (PCIT) The only difference is age. If you are over the age of 18 you are considered a Pit Crew Member, if you are 17 and under you are considered a Pit Crew –in-Training (PCIT). As a PCIT, you will have even more people looking out for you and checking in to make sure things are going well.  There is a fee associated with being under 18 as well.


Where is summer camp actually held? Summer camp sessions will be held in Athelstane, WI at our Little Newton Lake Campus. 


Where do we sleep?  If you are a CIT or counselor you will be staying in cabins along with other campers and volunteers. We will always attempt to put people from the same group in the same cabin.

If you are on Pit Crew or a PCIT  you will either stay in cabins with other campers and counselors, or in separate housing. 


Does everyone dress up for theme meals? Yes, our theme meals are a way to get everyone involved. Every camper no matter their level of function will be able to get involved in a theme meals so we suggest that everyone dresses up and get’s involved. We encourage groups to bring their own costumes but we do have costumes available. 


How many campers will a counselor get? One or two. Each match up is chosen with much consideration to age and experience. We believe that God has a plan for the week and we do our best to listen to Him and pair up people as best we can.