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Who We Are

Camp Daniel is an organization dedicated to providing people with disabilities opportunities for personal, social and spiritual growth. Camp Daniel is rooted in its summer camping program that offers people with disabilities access to safe and fun Northwoods camping experiences, where the physical, social, and spiritual needs, that each person’s disability requires, are lovingly met. Through each week of camp, the dedicated staff at Camp Daniel works toward imparting the belief that each of us have value and been given gifts to offer others. Each camper and volunteer participates in a multitude of activities designed to reinforce the concept of our need for each other and the value of our differences.

Throughout the rest of the year, Camp Daniel and its staff oversee many activities that further this concept of a dependent community of people with and without disabilities. Programs such as Special Olympic Teams in Green Bay and Crivitz, Able in Action service projects, dances and retreats all foster social and personal growth. Each week many of those who participate in the other Camp Daniel programs, come together at The Able Church to grow closer to God and each other, while professing the simple truth that God loves us, God made us, and God has a plan for each of our lives.

Office Offices, Welcome Center and Gift Shop
Trapline Lodge Contains Bobcat, Black Bear, Timber Wolf and White Tail Deer Cabins, each of which sleeps 13 people and has it’s own adjoining bathroom.
Barn The Barn seats up to 150 people and is used for a variety of events. St. Angelo’s Antique Shop and Meeting Space has seating, coat storage and two bathrooms. Norm’s Gas and Games is a game room with small concessions counter.
Chet’s Bait Shop Outdoor pavilion seating and snack stand.
The Factory is the creative space for crafts. Also has two bathroom.
OLH Nature Center features hands on displays of a variety of local animals.
Hartley House Founders and camp missionaries, Tony and Karol Piantine live in the lower level. They help the residents with disabilities that live on the main level.
Movie Theater Coming Soon. Will include 50’s diner style snack stand.
Chicagami House The Bury’s, one of Camp Daniel’s missionary families live in this house, which is one of the original buildings on the campus.
Future location of the Dining Hall
Future location of the Amphitheater
Lumberjack Lodge Contains Sugar Maple, Red Oak, White Birch and Jack Pine Cabins, each of which sleeps 13 people and has its own adjoining bathroom.

Building Camp Daniel

In 1996, Camp Daniel, Inc. was formed as a non-profit organization and purchased a former Salvation Army campground on Little Newton Lake in Athelstane, WI. Work began that year to start construction of camp. To date, the majority of the Little Newton Lake Campus has been constructed by volunteer labor, allowing the camp to extend each donation further than otherwise possible. Because of this, Camp Daniel is moving at a pace that allows the construction phases to match the available donations of money, materials and volunteer labor. In the 21 years of construction, the following have been completed…

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Camp Daniel History

Since 1997

Camp Daniel, founded in 1996, is a 501-(c)3 organization located in Athelstane, WI, 75 miles north of Green Bay. The organization is dedicated to serving the disability community of northeast WI and the Upper Peninsula through camps, homes and daily programs.

Camp Daniel was named to memorialize Daniel Piantine, son and brother to the founders. Daniel was born with a rare neuromuscular disease, which caused him to use a wheelchair to move, an iron lung to breathe, and others to help with every daily care needed…

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Our Team

Tony Sr. & Jo Piantine


Tony and Jo co-founded Camp Daniel along with their son Tony and his wife Karol. Tony is Camp Daniel’s Vice-President/Treasurer of the Board and Executive Director. Jo retired as Camp Daniel’s head nurse in 2011 and still oversees the Camp Daniel gift shop along with Tony.

Tony & Karol Piantine


Tony and Karol Piantine co-founded Camp Daniel along with Tony Sr. and Jo Piantine. Tony is the Camp Director and President of the Board, and Karol is the Lead Program Director. They oversee all the ministry, missionaries, and residents at Camp Daniel in addition to being the houseparents of the Hartley House group home. They have two children; Annissa Hartwig, who is also on staff, and Anthony, who is a student at Columbia University in Chicago.

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Janice & Tim Mandich

Full-Time Missionary Staff

Tim and Janice have been missionaries with Camp Daniel since 2010 and Tim also serves as Camp Daniel’s Board Secretary. Tim is the Pastor of the Able Church, our church for people with disabilities in Green Bay. Janice is part of the leadership team at The Able Church while working full-time.

Annissa & Evan Hartwig

Full-Time Missionary Staff

Annissa and Evan met as counselors in 2011 before they were married in January of 2018. They both have been a part of each Summer Internship Program since it began in 2014 and have lead the program since 2016 along with Ruth Hucek. Upon graduating college and getting married, Annissa and Evan have moved to Camp Daniel as full-time missionaries to follow their passion for camp and disability ministry.

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Laura Lee Wright

Full-Time Missionary Staff

Laura Lee Wright is passionate about relationships, true community and spiritual growth of people, especially those with disabilities. She has been involved with Camp Daniel since 2004 as a counselor, guest speaker, staff member and house parent.  After being in Florida for the past two years, Laura Lee has permanently moved back to her home state of Wisconsin.  She is currently leading Camp Daniel’s expansion of Christ-centered family homes for people of all abilities in Green Bay.  She is a house parent to Chalsee, and in the future, hopes to add another resident. Being based in Green Bay, Laura Lee will use her gifts, experience and education to work toward connecting people from churches, groups and the disability community, to Camp Daniel.  During the summer, Laura Lee will be a part of the spiritual team for all chapel and small group programming.

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Ruth Hucek

Full-Time Missionary Staff

Ruth has been coming to camp ever since she was a little girl, when she turned 14 she became a counselor and has not missed a single week of summer camp since. At the age of 18 she participated in the internship program and from age 19 to 23 she was a summer staff member. After graduating college and living in California for a period of time Ruth joined Camp Daniel’s full time staff in January of 2020. She now lives in the Chicagami House on campus. Ruth will work in many areas, some including; summer camp programing, scheduling, the internship program, hosting groups, office work and more.

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Dylan Stonelake

Full-Time Missionary Staff

Dylan Stonelake joined the camp family as a year-long intern in 2019 and has since stayed on as full-time missionary. He lives and works with the residents of the Hartley House. Dylan leads Camp Daniel Kitchen, in addition to assisting with Special Olympics, and The Hub Student Ministry. 

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Camp Daniel Residents

Nick and Brian live and work at Camp Daniel. They are an important part of the missionary team by doing various things such as: working in grounds maintenance and construction, leading work groups, and ministering at The Able Church. They also participate on Camp Daniel’s Wolverines Special Olympic teams in Crivitz and run the Pit Crew during the summer.

Our Board

Tony Piantine


Tony Piantine, Sr.

Vice-President &


Tim Mandich


Johannah Wenig

Board Member

Evan Hartwig

Board Member