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What is the Medication Policy at Camp Daniel?

Please review the requirements for bringing medications to camp.

  1. All regularly scheduled medications, including over-the-counter medications and vitamins/supplements will be reviewed by the nurse at check-in.
  2. For campers taking 1-2 medications, they may be:
    • pre-packaged (bubble packed) with pharmacy Rx label attached OR
    • sent to camp in the original container with accurate, unaltered pharmacy Rx label
  3. For campers taking 3 or more medications/supplements per day:
    • They MUST be pre-packaged by pharmacy in a multi-dose system, where each med time for each day has one container/compartment for all medications to be administered at that time.
    • Only exceptions are for liquids, drops, powders and lotions.  Although these prescribed medications do not need to be bubble packed, they must have an Accurate Rx Label from the pharmacy.
    • Please request this at the pharmacy  as soon as possible and ask for bubble-packed, pill-packed, or other pre-packaged forms for their session at camp.
    • Most independent or local pharmacies will be able to do so for a small fee.
  4. Only send enough medication for the duration of camp. (3-4pm on Sunday to 9-10am on Saturday)
  5. Please adjust camper’s medication schedule to match camp’s medication schedule. (8A/12P/5P/8P)
  6. Please provide any specialty supplies necessary for the proper administration of medicine. Ex: syringes, test strips, tubing, droppers.

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