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How much does Camp cost for Campers?

The base fee for one week of summer camp is $445.

There is a $45 discount for completed applications before the May 19th deadline.  A completed application includes:

  • A submitted online application
  • Fees paid
  • Physician Form, completely filled out, signed by doctor and submitted to Camp Daniel.
  • For new campers, we also need a photo of the applicant.

If an Agency/County is paying-

  • There is no discount.

Spending Money

The amount of spending money that is sent to camp is up to you, but we recommend –

  • $20-$30 for the snack stand, and
  • $25-$75 for the gift shop.

Spending money is normally sent in with camp fee, but you may send at any time, or bring with to camp check-in.

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