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How do I know if I need an invoice?

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If your camper fee is being paid through your County, another agency, or IRIS, then the county/agency will probably require an invoice before they will pay the camp fee. You should contact your caseworker to verify. If they do require an invoice, you will need to get an authorization number from them. You then need to contact Camp Daniel with the authorization number. or (715) 757-3880

Where do I find the Medical Page that the doctor fills out?

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If you did not print the medical page while filling out the application, no problem! Just click on the button below labeled “Medical Page”. You will be directed to a PDF version of the camper medical page that you may download and/or print.

To send a copy of this link to your doctor’s office, you may copy and paste the url link below into an email. (Right click on the url and select “Copy”. Open an email, right click in the message area and select “Paste”.)

How do I know that Camp Daniel received my application?

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An automated email is sent to the email of the person that filled out the application immediately after submitting the application. This email says that we have received the application, as well as a summary of the submitted application. The email also gives important information on the next steps of the application process. You may print the email summary to keep for your records.