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Laura Lee – New Staff Member

By Missionary Staff Updates

Meet Laura Lee!

In April we are adding a new staff member to the Camp Daniel team, Laura Lee! Read about her story with Camp Daniel below. She shares about her past experience with Camp Daniel and her future plans! 

Laura Lee & Resident Chalsee at Formal Night

“When I first walked on to the Little Newton Lake Campus, more than 10 years ago, things were much different; the team was cutting down hundreds of trees and Hartley House was not yet being built.  That night, when I slept in an old cabin that no longer exists, I knew that I would someday work with Camp Daniel.  For the next several years, I grew closer to Little Tony and Camp Daniel, I came to summer camp when I could, and in the off season talked with Tony and dreamed of ministry!

In 2015, I joined the Camp Daniel staff as a missionary and moved into one of the family homes at camp. For the next year, I learned much more about how Camp Daniel runs and ALL that needs to be done during the off-season. I spent time developing the beginnings of the 20/20 campaign, and worked with summer interns. My favorite thing during that year was being roommates with Chelsee, a young woman with a disability!  I learned that I had a lot to learn from Chalsee and my other roommates. I discovered that I truly enjoyed helping Chalsee grow into the person God intends her to be!

In the midst of finally finding my place…life happened! During the four years of living in the Midwest, a huge part of my heart was always back among my beloved community in Florida.  My finances never stabilized, effects of isolation set in, and then my dad, who was living in Florida, had a surgery that he would never recover from.  I had been with him a few months, when he went to heaven on my birthday in 2017.  My world stopped, I had nothing to give, and the thought of selling our home was just too much!  In haste, and out of grief, I officially left Camp Daniel and relocated back to Florida.  I grieved, soaked up the sun, played in the garden and looked for employment. Few things during this time were life giving EXCEPT…. I took in a young lady with an intellectual disability, who lived in my home….and she not only gave me life, but gave me PURPOSE. I watched as God grew, changed, and loved her.

Ever since I was a missionary in England many years ago, I have wanted to be apart of, and grow an authentic Christian community; Camp Daniel’s community strives to be that community through camps, The Able Church, Special Olympics teams, and adult family homes in Athelstane.  Camp Daniel wants to continue growing the community with adult family/group homes in Green Bay.  This December, as I was again at a crossroads, I felt the prompting to join Camp Daniel again, move to Green Bay, and begin growing that community.

So, I have jumped off the cliff again, and in April I will be moving back to Wisconsin. God

Laura Lee & Camper Tom at Summer Camp

has already provided temporary housing.  I am currently looking into opening and running a group/adult family home, as well as working part-time at a job involving people with disabilities. There are 25,000 people with a disability in the greater Green Bay community, with very few people trying to reach them, so the need for followers of Christ to bring HOPE is huge!  I will also be working to connect churches and organizations back to Camp Daniel.  When the current goal of summer camps on the Camp Daniel campus becomes a reality, there will be an increase of campers and programs, thus creating a need to expand the volunteer base.  With the success of the 2020 Vision Campaign, the goal of “camp at camp” will soon be reached, and I plan to help with the transition.  Historically, connecting people has been a gift of mine and I am grateful to be able to use this gift through Camp Daniel.

My move is coming quick! I joyfully anticipating working with many of you beginning in April, and reconnecting with you throughout the summer! And I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you…” – Laura Lee


To support Laura Lee in her journey at Camp Daniel visit her missionary page;


2020 Vision Update (2/22/19)

By 20/20 Campaign, Building Camp Daniel

2020 Vision Update:

Recently a lot of the work surrounding the dining hall has been on paper. Tony and Karol, alongside Frontier Builders & Consultants, have been working on the in-depth plans for heating, electric, plumbing and lighting. With finalizing all of these areas comes a lot of looking at and analyzing the floor plans to make sure every nook and cranny has a purpose so we can get the max use from our space. This can be a long process but will be well worth it. Once the heating, electric, plumbing and lighting are finalized they will pour the concrete floor!

As we look at these plans we can’t help but think about our volunteers… so many of our volunteers have put up with lower than quality working conditions.

Our kitchen volunteers deal with small spaces for the amount of people we are feeding, stoves and refrigerators that break frequently, no dishwasher and no real air conditioning. At the new campus we will have commercial dishwasher and appliances that will work, air conditioning throughout the entire building, and over twice as much work space!

We also think abut our volunteer nurses! On the grounds we rent we use a old trailer as our nurses station. If it rains we have to put out rows of tents to prevent everyone from getting wet while waiting for meds. There is barely enough room for two people to walk around in the trailer, let alone do an exam. At our new campus our health center will have a permeant space in our dining hall. It will have an exam room, med windows, plenty of storage and space, individual lockers for counselors meds as well as it’s own private bathroom.

We are just so so very excited to have this final piece of the puzzle underway. God’s Vision is truly 2020 and His plan is better than anything we could have every imagined. Again, thank you to everyone who has supported us financially and in prayer. For more information on how to support our 20/20 Vision Capital Campaign visit campdaniel.org/2020-2
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2019 Summer Camp Theme

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Matthew 5:16
Let your light shine so love is seen.

“Our camp theme for 2019 is Shine.  Camp Daniel, works to impart to everyone that God made us, loves us and has a plan for our lives. That plan becomes clear when we love as God asks. That love is given to shine on everyone around us. Many of us struggle to accept the love God gives. Lifes circumstances can be dark, painful and destructive to our own view of who God made us to be. The light that resides within us, when allowed to shine, gives each of us the opportunity to move towards the love we desperatley need. Camp Daniel wants everyone at camp to understand that they have the power to shine love into their world, and that anyone in its light could clearly see how God works in each of us.”

-Director Tony Piantine

Happy New Year! – 2020 Vision In Review

By 20/20 Campaign

HAPPY NEW YEAR! | As we wrap up 2018 and celebrate the start of 2019 we want to take some time to highlight just some of the contributions that people have made to the 20/20 Vision Capital Campaign. We launched the campaign a little over a year ago and we are SO proud and thankful for everyone who have contributed, you are truly making a difference! There is only 364 days until our goal year 2020! Wow! Check out some of the past contributions below and see how YOU can help!

Sacred Heart Parish & Packers – St. John-Sacred Heart Parish from Sherwood, WI has partnered with us to work at various concession stands at every home Packer Game. The Packers use all concession stands during home games as a way for a variety of local charities and non-profits to raise money. Summer camp counselor, Jackie Probst, has an aunt who organizes volunteers and other logistics for St. John’s. Last year, Jackie, thinking that Camp Daniel is always in need of fundraising, decided to talk to her aunt to arrange for our volunteers to work under St. John. They agreed to an ongoing partnership. St. John’s graciously gives all of our volunteers all of the money they “earn” at each game, while they handle all of the responsibilities connected to running a stand.

Katrina & Change for Change – Katrina Counter, a summer camp counselor, partnered with her high school, Xavier Catholic School to host the competition “change for change.” All funds raised went toward the 20/20 Vision.

Erin & 141 Speedway 50/50 Raffle – Intern Erin gathered a group of friends to sell 50/50 tickets at 141 Speedway during a race. They had so much fun while raising funds for the 20/20 Vision.

Amanda & Shining Stars Daycare Bakesale – Amanda, a camper with down syndrome, works at Shining Stars Daycare in Hobart, WI. Always the advocate for Camp Daniel, Amanda knew just what to say when the teachers at the daycare wanted to find a way to show the children concrete ways of helping others in their community. She suggested doing a bake sale with the proceeds to benefit Camp Daniel. In no time, they had employees, a few parents, and volunteers like Judy (Amanda’s mom), signed up to donate baked goods at Shining Stars two locations. On November 14, the Suamico and Hobart locations both held one-day bake sales, all funds going toward the 20/20 Vision.

Kitt & Christmas Tea – Kitt and a crew from Faith Presbyterian Church put on a very nice Christmas tea for the Crivitz community to raise funds for the 20/20 Vision. They rented out the town hall, decorated it beautifully, had tea, sweet treats, waiters, and a silent auction. The event was very successful.

Entrepreneur Class at Xavier Catholic School – Xavier Sophomores applied what they had learned in their entrepreneur class to help Camp Daniel raise funds for the 20/20 Vision. The girls spent their weekend cutting, sewing, stuffing, glueing, and packaging “reading buddies.” The buddies were sold to the Xavier elementary students. All funds went toward to the 20/20 Vision. #Xavierdifferance

Emily & Ellie Etsy Shop – Emily, summer camp counselor and past intern, set up a booth with Camp Daniel information at a Down Syndrome Awareness Walk and sold handmade goods from her Etsy Shop with the proceeds going to the 20/20 Vision.

Amelia & Farmers Market Singing – Amelia, a summer camp kid and future counselor, wanted to help Camp Daniel raise funds. During weekly Farmers Markets in Green Bay, she grabbed her guitar and sang songs on the street for tips. All funds went toward to the 20/20 Vision.

Faith Presbyterian Church Women’s Association & Salad Luncheon – The Crivitz Women’s Association hosted a salad luncheon at the church to raise funds for the 20/20 Vision.

Emma & Heartland Pizza Co – Summer camp counselor, Emma Lehman, connected to the restaurant, Heartland Pizza Company, who donated a percentage of their revenue on a Tuesday to Camp Daniel’s 20/20 Vision.

Trinity Lutheran Rantoul & Coffee Hour – Intern Erin worked with her church, Trinity Lutheran Rantoul, to host a coffee hour on a Sunday and Wednesday after church. They served coffee, ice cream sundays, and donuts to raise funds for the 20/20 Vision.

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers – SO many individuals have participated in Facebook birthday fundraisers benefiting Camp Daniel. This is such a simple and easy way to help raise funds. Visit https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers….

Donor/Foundation/Grant Connections – One of the biggest ways to contribute to the 20/20 Vision is helping us make connections with potential donors, grants and large foundations. Thank you to everyone who has already connected us!

Work Groups – We have had multiple work groups raise funds for construction projects and then come out to the campus for a few days to help with the physical construction. Getting us one step closer to finishing the Vision!

Individual donations – We have had so many individuals donate their hard earned money to Camp Daniel’s 20/20 Vision. Donations ranging from $5 to $200,000. Every single penny counts and helps us get one step closer.

What can YOU do within the next year to contribute to Camp Daniel’s 20/20 Vision Capital Campaign? We hope these stories inspired you to possibly contribute in the year 2019 however you see fit! Want to make an impact but need some ideas? Check out this list of ideas:

1. Host an event/fundraise – Raise money on behalf of Camp Daniel by hosting an fundraising event in your town. We will work directly with you with marketing, answering any questions and working through any and all details. Example events: run, brat fry, banquet, bowl-a-thon, church event, etc. Contact annissa@campdaniel.org if you have any questions.

2. Become a fundraiser – Raise money on behalf of Camp Daniel and solicite donations from your friends and family on Facebook. Facebook has made it simple for you to raise funds quickly, easily & at no cost to you. All of the money gets sent automatically to Camp Daniel so you don’t have to worry about the financial details! Getting started is easy and it only takes a few minutes to create your Online Fundraising Page: Visit https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers/ to get started.

3. Connections – Help us make connections with potential donors, grants and foundations. If you know anyone who could potentially be a donor please connect us. We are always willing to meet, give tours, fill out application etc. We simply need the connection. Contact tony@campdaniel.org with any connections.

4. Donate monthly – Monthly donations are a great way to give. Every penny counts so donate whatever you can afford! Remember 60% of the donors fall in the “under $1000″ bracket! Visit https://www.campdaniel.org/donate/

THANK YOU to everyone who has gotten us this far! We are so thankful and appreciate to everyone who has contributed, supported and prayed for Camp Daniel. Visit campdaniel.org/2020-2/ to learn more about the 20/20 Vision Capital Campaign.

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20/20 Fundraising & Building Update

By 20/20 Campaign, Building Camp Daniel

Fundraising Update:

We have raised $500,000, over 50% of 20/20 Vision Capital Campaign goal! So thankful to everyone who has given. We are still in need of $500,000 to complete the campus! Partner with us to complete the vision of a fully accessible campground that’s just as creative and unique as the people who will use it. You can provide the opportunity for hundreds more to attend camps, retreats and events designed specifically for people who have physical and developmental disabilities. Through your kindness and generosity, we can change lives. Spread the word to anyone who might donate. We need your connections. Thank you!


Building Update:

Frontier Builders have been constructing the shell of the dining hall since May 2nd. They worked through summer camp and have made such great progress! Having this much of the dining hall up is encouraging and makes us so excited for the future. Before winter comes the shell should be complete and sealed in and Frontier builders will be done until we have raised the next level of funds.

Until then, then Tony and camp crew will be doing hard construction on the daily. Fortunately we have three upcoming fall work days and hope to get some more work done in the movie theater, dining hall and get some basic grounds work done before snowfall.

Packer Fundraising Opportunity For YOU!

By 20/20 Campaign

Your support of Camp Daniel shows people with disabilities that they are valued and loved. 

Do you like Packer games, Camp Daniel and fundraising? Well then we have a great opportunity for you! Help Camp Daniel raise money by volunteering at one of the home Packer Games this season! We are partnering with St. John Sacred Heart Parish to run concessions stands throughout the stadium. The more volunteers the better! The amount of money we will receive will be based upon how many volunteers we get. No experience is necessary! Help Camp Daniel raise money for the 20/20 Vision and get the Little Newton Lake campground finished!

Please email, text or call me with the date you would like to volunteer and your email address. Then you will receive an email with more information on how to move forward.

The more volunteers the better! Invite your friends, family, church and groups! The minimum age to volunteer is 14.  No experience is necessary! If you want to volunteer as a group, they will do their best to keep you together. Partner with us to complete the vision of a fully accessible campground that’s just as creative and unique as the people who will use it. You can provide the opportunity for hundreds more to attend camps, retreats and events designed specifically for people who have physical and developmental disabilities. Through your kindness and generosity, we can change lives.

Contact Annissa:
Text/Call 715-927-5329
Email annissa@campdaniel.org 


Home Packer Game Dates:

Sunday, September 9 – Chicago
Sunday, September 16 -Minnesota 
Sunday, September 30 – Buffalo
Monday, October 15 – San Francisco 
Sunday, November 11 – Miami
Sunday, December 2 – Arizona
Sunday, December 30 – Detroit 



What will I be doing at the Packer game?
A day at Lambeau Field usually is 7 hours. The job duties may consist of: inventory, stand set-up, cleaning, cooking, running, cashiering, among others.  If a person under 18 years old volunteers, they will be supervised by an experienced adult.  No minor will be allowed to sell or serve alcohol or alcoholic beverages. Most minors will be in a food stand and help with running and filling of orders, all while being in the presence of an adult volunteer.  

How much money will I make for Camp Daniel?
On average, one day of volunteering could raise approximately $100 per person or more.  Due to the lack of overall volunteers this year, the pay out to Camp Daniel could be more.  Last year $2,450 was raised for Camp Daniel over the period of 7 games.  There were about 10 volunteers who donated their time at 1 or 2 games throughout the season, while 1 person was at all 7.

Do I need experience?
There is a short online training required to be completed prior to the first game, more information will be sent out.

I have more specific questions who do I contact?
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Jackie Probst at jlp798@yahoo.com or Kathy Kesler at akeslerfamily@tds.net.  **Jackie Probst is a Camp Daniel volunteer who got this opportunity to raise money for camp through her aunt, Kathy Kesler. Kathy has 9 years of experience volunteering at Lambeau Field and is willing to help in any way she can.

What will the money I raise go toward at Camp Daniel?
By volunteering you are helping Camp Daniel raise money for the 20/20 Vision Capital Campaign. To get the all-accessible, Little Newton Lake campground finished! For more information on Camp Daniel’s 20/20 Vision Campaign please visit https://www.campdaniel.org/20-20/