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2020 Vision Update (2/22/19)

By February 22, 2019June 26th, 2019No Comments

2020 Vision Update:

Recently a lot of the work surrounding the dining hall has been on paper. Tony and Karol, alongside Frontier Builders & Consultants, have been working on the in-depth plans for heating, electric, plumbing and lighting. With finalizing all of these areas comes a lot of looking at and analyzing the floor plans to make sure every nook and cranny has a purpose so we can get the max use from our space. This can be a long process but will be well worth it. Once the heating, electric, plumbing and lighting are finalized they will pour the concrete floor!

As we look at these plans we can’t help but think about our volunteers… so many of our volunteers have put up with lower than quality working conditions.

Our kitchen volunteers deal with small spaces for the amount of people we are feeding, stoves and refrigerators that break frequently, no dishwasher and no real air conditioning. At the new campus we will have commercial dishwasher and appliances that will work, air conditioning throughout the entire building, and over twice as much work space!

We also think abut our volunteer nurses! On the grounds we rent we use a old trailer as our nurses station. If it rains we have to put out rows of tents to prevent everyone from getting wet while waiting for meds. There is barely enough room for two people to walk around in the trailer, let alone do an exam. At our new campus our health center will have a permeant space in our dining hall. It will have an exam room, med windows, plenty of storage and space, individual lockers for counselors meds as well as it’s own private bathroom.

We are just so so very excited to have this final piece of the puzzle underway. God’s Vision is truly 2020 and His plan is better than anything we could have every imagined. Again, thank you to everyone who has supported us financially and in prayer. For more information on how to support our 20/20 Vision Capital Campaign visit
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