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Building Camp Daniel

Building Update

By February 20, 2021No Comments

The cold weather can’t stop the work at camp! Despite the crazy last couple months, we continue to build our campus. Due to Karol’s stroke, Little Tony has been unable to lead construction on a daily basis. This means others have had to step forward in leading and organizing the team, not an easy task but we are trucking along and adjusting to the new normal. Our main focus has been the dining hall/ kitchen. We’ve completed the kitchenette, a space that is adjacent to the main kitchen that includes storage, a microwave and fridge. This space will be used for volunteer’s special diet food and drinks and in the future guest groups will be able to use this space. We’ve also been working on finishing the concrete floors which involves a long process of acid etching, hand dying, sealing and waxing. The back hallways, rooms and main walking area in the dining hall will have exposed concrete and the main seating area will be carpeted. At this point in construction there are SO many small, odd jobs so everyday looks different! We have been working on:

⁃    installing ceiling tiles in the dish room

⁃    gluing on floor base

⁃    installing “garage doors” in the serving windows

⁃    putting up shelves for storage

⁃    installing our carpet cleaner

⁃    installing a water fountain or bubbler – depending on where you’re from ha!

⁃    finishing up the condiment/drink stations

⁃    cleaning up the used sinks, oven and counter tops for the kitchen that we bought used

⁃    installing outdoor lights that are under the porch 

⁃    fixing up and painting the used speakers that will be using in the dining hall 

⁃    finishing the kitchen manager’s office

Another huge project that is almost finished is our campus-wide fiber optic that allows us to have a connected network and internet in all of our buildings. This has been a work in progress for years ,so we are happy to see it almost completed. By the end of this month we should have heat in our diner and movie theater, which will allows us to continue working in the diner and will allows us to watch movies in the winter – woohoo!  This included installing a used heater and putting in ducts throughout the building. We have also made salt spreader for the skid steer, fixed the bulldozer, and converted our old gingerbread house float into another storage shed! 

Every day here at camp is so different, no two days look alike! We dearly miss all the volunteers we normally have throughout the winter. We can’t wait to share this all with you in person, but until then, here are some progress photos! 

Want to help? Here’s how!

1.    Give to our kitchen hood fundraiser. We are currently raising money to install the commercial exhaust hood. Click  ‘Donate to Hood Fundraiser’ to give today. 

2.    Visit our Amazon wish list and purchase one of the items. Click ‘Go to Amazon Wishlist.’

3.    Pray – pray that our team keeps positive and motivated during these long winter months!