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20/20 Campaign


By January 6, 2020February 19th, 2020No Comments

We met our 2020 goal and raised above $950,000!

Launched in September of 2017, the financial goal of the 2020 Vision Capital Campaign was raising $950,000 to finish construction of the Little Newton Lake Campus.  We know that God’s vision is 20/20, and we believed that He saw us having summer camp on our own campus in 2020. We knew that it would take the help of many supporters to accomplish this vision and give our campers with disabilities the new, beautiful, and accessible campground that they deserve.

Camp Director, Tony Piantine, and staff are officially announcing that the location of our 2020 summer camp programs will all be at our LITTLE NEWTON LAKE CAMPUS!  A vision 24 years in the making will finally be seen this summer. You did it, we did it, God did it!  We are so thankful for all of the support and prayers. Director Tony Piantine says “There are really not words to express the feelings I have today. I mostly have tears of happiness.  How sweet it is to have a front row seat in experiencing God’s grand way of orchestrating the impossible. An old friend, who was a great mentor to me at the beginning of our ministry, would often tell me that I would need to learn to truly trust God, because the vision He gave me was so big only He could make it happen. Today as we near a peak on this climb, I once again hear that beautiful song that has helped me along the way… “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, Oh for grace to trust Him more.” I am so thankful for this incredible family that has so generously given to fulfill this big 2020 vision.”

Summer Camp Dates: Beta Week 1: June 21 – 27, Week 2: July 5 – 11, Week 3: July 12- 18, Week 4: July 19 – 25, Week 5: July 26 – August 1.

Get a tour of the grounds here: