Work Days at Camp Daniel

Help us build a fully-accessible camp!

Camp Daniel’s Little Newton Lake campus is over 25 years in the making! Help us with landscaping, construction, maintenance, gardening, and more!


If you know anyone who is handy and willing to volunteer their time, let them know we need them! We have tasks for ALL ability ranges.




Please spread the word!

Scheduled Work Days:

  • TBD

Check-in at 8 AM and work until 4 PM. Enjoy a free lunch on us. Please email to let us know you are coming!

Unscheduled Work Days:

We need individuals or teams of people to come out to Camp Daniel on unscheduled days! We work everyday of the week and will accept help whenever your schedule allows. Come alone, bring a friend, gather a group! We will always provide you with lunch!

Everyone volunteering at a workday will need to fill out the the following agreement online. If not filled out ahead of time you will be able to fill out apron arrival. Thank you!

Work Day Agreement

Want to schedule a date? Bring a group? Have questions? Contact Annissa at!