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Packer Game Concession Fundraiser

Your support of Camp Daniel shows people with disabilities that they are valued and loved.

Do you like Packer games, Camp Daniel and fundraising? Well then we have a great opportunity for you! Help Camp Daniel raise money by volunteering at one of the home Packer Games this season! We are partnering with St. John Sacred Heart Parish to run concessions stands throughout the stadium. The more volunteers the better! The amount of money we will receive will be based upon how many volunteers we get. No experience is necessary! Help Camp Daniel raise money for the 20/20 Vision and get the Little Newton Lake campground finished!

Please email, text or call me with the date you would like to volunteer and your email address. Then you will receive an email with more information on how to move forward.

The more volunteers the better! Invite your friends, family, church and groups! The minimum age to volunteer is 14.  No experience is necessary! If you want to volunteer as a group, they will do their best to keep you together. Partner with us to complete the vision of a fully accessible campground that’s just as creative and unique as the people who will use it. You can provide the opportunity for hundreds more to attend camps, retreats and events designed specifically for people who have physical and developmental disabilities. Through your kindness and generosity, we can change lives.

Contact Annissa:
Text/Call 715-927-5329

One Day Commitment

Age: 14+

Requirements: Online test

Home Game Dates

Dec 8  vs Redskins @noon

Dec 15 vs Bears @noon


What will I be doing at the Packer game?

A day at Lambeau Field usually is 7 hours. The job duties may consist of: inventory, stand set-up, cleaning, cooking, running, cashiering, among others.  If a person under 18 years old volunteers, they will be supervised by an experienced adult.  No minor will be allowed to sell or serve alcohol or alcoholic beverages. Most minors will be in a food stand and help with running and filling of orders, all while being in the presence of an adult volunteer.

Do I need experience?

No experience necessary! However, there is a short online training required to be completed prior to the first game, more information will be sent out.

How much money will I make for Camp Daniel?

On average, one day of volunteering could raise approximately $100 per person or more.  Due to the lack of overall volunteers this year, the pay out to Camp Daniel could be more.  Last year $2,450 was raised for Camp Daniel over the period of 7 games.  There were about 10 volunteers who donated their time at 1 or 2 games throughout the season, while 1 person was at all 7.

What will the money I raise go toward at Camp Daniel?

By volunteering you are helping Camp Daniel raise money for the 20/20 Vision Capital Campaign. To get the all-accessible, Little Newton Lake campground finished! For more information on Camp Daniel’s 20/20 Vision Campaign please visit