Adopt-a-Garden Program

Camp Daniel’s Adopt-A-Garden Program is a volunteer program designed for interested individuals, groups, and businesses to adopt a garden at Camp Daniel’s Little Newton Lake campus. The goal of the program is to provide adopters with an active role in the camp community by maintaining and improving garden areas and enhancing the beauty in our campers’ and volunteers’ week of camp! 

Whether you are a master gardener or just beginning to nurture your green thumb, we invite you to participate in the beautification and maintenance of one of our gardens at Camp Daniel. There are small, medium, and large gardens to choose from. Gardens are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Thank you!

Who can adopt?

  • Individuals (18+)

  • Families

  • School/Community Groups

  • Local Businesses

Gardener’s Responsibilities:

  • Preparing garden for the season

  • Rearrange and maintain existing plants

  • Purchase and plant new plants (If Adopter would like to add to their garden)

  • Regular weeding and upkeep (May through October 31st, 2020)

Camp Daniel Provides:

  • Water, mulch, and black dirt

  • Tools available upon request

  • Plants for starting gardens

  • Custom sign with adopter’s name in garden


What do we need to provide? Adopters will need to provide maintenance and their creative gardening skills! Some gardening tools are available on a limited basis at Camp Daniel, but volunteers are encouraged to bring their own. Camp Daniel will provide all the garden spaces with materials to be started. Volunteers must provide any additional plants if they’d like to add to their garden. Camp Daniel will also provide black dirt, mulch, gardening tools, and we’ll water gardens weekly.

When do we start? We hope to have all gardens adopted by mid-May (adopting your garden earlier than that is encouraged). Once you adopt, the garden will be yours to care for from May to the end of October. Gardeners are encouraged to have all spring clean-up done and begin planting by May 30 and keep the garden planted all summer.

What is the time commitment? Adopters should plan to commit an hour or two every couple of weeks to their garden. At the beginning of the season, more hours may be needed to establish your plot. We ask for all gardens to be cut back gardens by October 31st.

How much does it cost? Adoption is FREE and is done on an annual basis! Plant purchases are up to you, but all gardens are started by Camp Daniel Staff.

Contact Us

If you or your group would like to Adopt-A-Garden, please reach out to staff member Ruth Hucek. You can contact Ruth to get more information or finalize your garden adoption by filling out the form below. | 715-927-3404

Signing up as a: *

Group Members

I understand and agree to the responsibilities of the Camp Daniel Adopt-a-Garden Program. I/we will faithfully maintain our adopted gardens throughout the garden season from May - October 31. I am willing to provide (purchase/transplant) plants to add to my garden as needed.

Adoption is FREE and is renewed on an annual basis.