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Are there activities for people who don’t like sports or have physical restrictions?

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Camp Daniel prides itself on programming that gives ALL campers lots of opportunities for entertainment, fellowship, and activities.  Our campers have a wide range of abilities and interests, so our programming does as well.  We offer camp-wide recreation times throughout the week, where campers and counselors ALL participate to together in group games.  During all of those activities, we encourage everyone to stay engaged and cheer for their teammates.  There’s also sports announcers for play-by-play highlights, and in the background we play music to match the spirit of the activity.  This multi-layered system offers entertainment for those actively playing the game and also for those who are currently watching the game.

Camp Daniel offers typical summer camp activities like:  swimming, fishing, archery, basketball, paddle-boats, carpet ball, bocce ball, horseshoes, kickball, kayaks, nature walks, evening dances and volleyball.

Less physical camp activities that we feature are:  crafts, talent shows,  drive-in movie night, art contest, day spa, tea party, board games, and cardmaking.

Don’t forget meals!  Since we seem to spend so much time in the dining hall each day, the Camp Daniel staff decided several years ago to make each meal it’s own form of entertainment that everyone can participate in.  We now have Themed Meals for 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 5 dinners!  Every meal is a different theme, each with themed background and sing-a-long music, costumes, meal, decorations and a host character. Many feature special musical guests and choreographed performances.  Theme meals change each year, so check out the packing list for this year’s Themed Meal list.