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Evan & Annissa Hartwig

Full-time Missionaries

Annissa and Evan met as counselors in 2011 before they were married in January of 2018. They both have been a part of each Summer Internship Program since it began in 2014 and have lead the program since 2016 along with Ruth Hucek. Upon graduating college and getting married, Annissa and Evan have move into Camp Daniel’s Brunot House as full-time missionaries to follow their passion for camp and disability ministry.


Lead Web Developer, Assistant to Camp Director, & Intern Director

Evan has his bachelors degree in Business Administration. He is the administrator for the new Camp Daniel website and its future development. He also helps lead work days and contributes to general camp maintenance and construction. During the summer, he leads the Summer Internship Program with Ruth Hucek and Annissa in addition to working underneath Tony Piantine, Camp Director, as his assistant.


Social Media & Marketing Manager, Events Coordinator, & Intern Director

Annissa has her associates degree in Meeting and Event Management. She works alongside Karol Piantine, Program Director, to coordinate special events hosted at Camp Daniel. She is the administrator of all Camp Daniel’s social media platforms as well as the camp photographer and media marketing manager. During the summer, she leads the Summer Internship Program with Ruth Hucek and Evan.

All the staff at Camp Daniel are full-time missionaries to people with disabilities, and like other missionaries, the Hartwigs will need to raise financial support to pay utilities, food, transportation, and other costs of living. Their monthly expenses equal $1,500. They asks for your financial support, whether it be $10, $20, $50, or $100 a month. If you have any questions about their financial situation, feel free to contact Evan at