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Offering siblings a lifelong community where they can support each other and grow together. Providing opportunities to share their story, hear from other sibs, and have FUN! Always leaving understanding that God made them, loves them, and has a plan for their life.

Sib; /sib/ A  brother or sister of a person(s) with a disability. 

Growing up is challenging for everyone but is uniquely so for siblings of children with disabilities who can feel like they are often competing for their parents’ attention as the children with disabilities can require more attention. Oftentimes, the siblings of children with disabilities feel frustrated and alone while also needing support with other siblings who understand them. This is why providing opportunities for sibs to connect in a space that is safe and fun, with support from leaders that are sibs themselves, is so important.

August 7-10, 2024

  • For youth ages 8+ that have a sibling with a disability.
  • Ages 8-13 are Campers
  • Ages 14-17 are Young Leaders
  • Ages 18+ are Volunteers 
  • Price: Listed Below


Join us for a 4-day, 3-night summer getaway to Camp Daniel! This getaway will be packed full of campfires, themed meals, nature lessons, games, swimming, boating, family day and more!  Have the opportunity to share your story and hear from other sibs. Talk about the good and not-so-good parts of having a sib with a disability with others who “get it.” Leave understanding that God made you, God loves you & God has a plan for your life.

  • Warm up at the campfire & share your best campfire story
  • Test your skills at the survival course & nature presentation
  • Play games at Norm’s Gas and Games
  • Go swimming or boating at the lakefront
  • Go on a night hike
  • Play competitive games and win points for your team
  • Watch a movie in the Majestic Theater
  • Have small group time where you share your story and hear from other sibs.
  • Talk about the good and not-so-good parts of having a sib with a disability with others who “get it.”
  • Learn that God made you, God loves you & God has a plan for your life.
  • Hang out with your entire family on the last day of camp!

Camp Daniel Policies & Information

Acceptance Policy

The acceptance process begins with a completed application (see Applications in Camp Policies). Acceptance is firstly based upon our ability to find a suitable counselor for applicant, and secondly, on the timeliness and thoroughness of the application.  An email confirming acceptance will be sent 30 days prior to the weekend getaway session which the applicant is accepted. If you have not received an acceptance or denial email 30 days prior to the first weekend getaway session, then the applicant is automatically put on a waiting list. If the applicant cannot be accommodated into a weekend getaway this season, a full refund will be issued (see Refunds in Camp Policies).

All applicants must be able to function in a group setting. For the safety of everyone at the camp, we do not accept applicants with extreme behavior problems. This includes applicants that are physically, verbally or sexually aggressive. If an applicant does not follow rules or take direction from staff, or any behaviors, which endanger others or are disruptive to the group, are grounds for non-acceptance to camp or immediate dismissal from camp. Applicants must be able to sleep in a cabin setting, not wander at night or disturb others through their behavior.

Medication Policy

Please review the requirements for bringing medications to camp.

  • All regularly scheduled medications, including over-the-counter medications and vitamins/ supplements will be reviewed by the nurse at check-in.
  • Only send enough medication for the duration of the getaway. (X-Xpm on Friday to X-Xam on Sunday)
  • Please adjust camper’s medication schedule to match camp’s medication schedule. (8A/12P/5P/8P)
  • Please provide any specialty supplies necessary for the proper administration of medicine. Ex: syringes, test strips, tubing, droppers.
For applicant with 3 or more medications/vitamins administered per day:

  • they MUST be pre-packaged by pharmacy in a multi-dose system, where each med time for each day has one container/compartment for all medications to be administered at that time.
  • Only exceptions are for liquids, drops, powders and lotions. Although these prescribed medications do no need to be bubble packed, they must have an Accurate Rx Label from the pharmacy.
  • Please request this at the pharmacy as soon as possible and ask for bubble-packed, pill-packed, or other pre-packaged forms for their session at camp.
  • Most independent or local pharmacies will be able to do so for a small fee.
For applicant with 1 or 2 medications/vitamins administered per day:

  • pre-packaged (bubble-packed) with pharmacy Rx label attached


  • sent to camp in the original container with accurate, unaltered pharmacy Rx label
Policies Applicable to Campers

Applications: Sib Camper applications are available to individuals 8-13 years old who have a sibling with a physical and/or intellectual or developmental disability. Each applicant is accepted on an individual basis (see Acceptance Policy). Camp Daniel does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, or national origin. A completed application includes Physician Form, First Time Camper Portrait, and Fee Schedule Paid-in-Full. Agency Authorization without payment satisfies payment requirements to begin processing completed application.

Dismissal: If the applicant is sent home for a medical or disciplinary reason, an emergency contact must be available during the week and is responsible for transportation home within 12 hours of notification (see Refunds). Any behaviors, which endanger others or are disruptive to the camp, are grounds for non-acceptance to camp or immediate dismissal from camp.

Payment: The cost of camp sessions is listed on the current year’s Fee Schedule. Payment may be paid online with a credit/debit card while filling out the application or by sending a check. It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify payee Agency to acquire and submit Letter of Authorization from Agency to provide services.

Snack & Gift Shops: Tickets (for the amounts designated in the Fee Schedule) will be issued for use as payment at the snack shop and gift shop.

Cancelations: A $75 processing fee will be retained and the balance of the paid registration fee will be returned.

Refunds: All discount and dismissal refunds will be issued after the completion of the program season. No refunds will be issued if sent home for disciplinary reasons. Partial refunds will be issued for medical reasons. Full refunds will be issued to unaccommodated or denied applicants.

Lost Items: Camp Daniel is not responsible for lost or stolen articles that have not been properly marked with the applicant’s name. Any unmarked item brought by the applicant may be labeled with the applicant’s name by Camp Daniel Staff.

Prohibited Items: No vape, CBD, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firearms, or knives allowed on the grounds. Food and drink items are not allowed in the cabins.

Dress Code: No crop tops, spaghetti straps, or short shorts. Any leggings must be worn with a shirt that covers butt. Any two-piece swimsuit must cover stomach, or be worn with a dark shirt. No speedos allowed.