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Ruth Hucek

Full-time Missionary

Ruth has been coming to camp ever since she was a little girl, when she turned 14 she became a counselor and has not missed a single week of summer camp since. At the age of 18 she participated in the internship program and from age 19 to 23 she was a summer staff member. After graduating college and living in California for a period of time Ruth joined Camp Daniel’s full time staff in January of 2020. She now lives in the Chicagami House on campus. Ruth will work in many areas, some including; summer camp programing, scheduling, the internship program, hosting groups, office work and more.

All the staff at Camp Daniel are full-time missionaries to people with disabilities, and like other missionaries, Ruth will need to raise financial support to pay utilities, food, transportation, and other costs of living. So she will be fundraising part of her income as well as working as a substitute teacher at local area schools to makes ends meet. Her monthly expenses equal $600. Ruth is looking for 15 people to support her monthly. She needs 10 monthly supporters who will give $50 and 5 monthly supports who will give $20. Your financial support will allow her to continue the work she does at Camp Daniel serving the disability community.

If you have any questions about her financial situation, feel free to contact Ruth at

“I remember it like it was yesterday. We were standing outside of the chapel late at night. I had just confessed to a friend that I was pretty sure I was supposed to work at Camp Daniel the rest of my life. What a bold statement from such a fresh teenager.

I can’t remember what it was that week that sealed the deal for me. I just remember our orange We Are Strong t-shirts, lots of hugging, and lots of tears. If you met me in the last two years, the thought of me crying is nothing new at all. If you knew me back then, it was an utterly unheard of occurence.

I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I knew something that was a little too big for my 13 year old brain to fully comprehend. I had no other information. I just had the confidence that someway, somehow, at some point in time I was supposed to work full time at Camp.

Flash forward a decade and this week I start my first official year as full time Camp Daniel Missionary Staff!

This journey has not been a straight line at all. It’s been 10 years of trying to figure out growing up, who I am, and what I’m supposed to do with all that. Mostly it’s been me stumbling through life with a lot of help and good advice while trying to figure out how that one night outside the chapel fits into everything.

I’m where I am today because it’s where God wants me to be. There’s too many stories of how God has orchestrated the last few years of my life to fit it into one post. But if you’d like to follow my story, just stick around here and I’m sure it will all come out eventually.

My to do list for the next couple months looks like getting our programming ready for a brand new campus, managing our Special Olympics team, helping with lots of office work, and doing whatever else is needed to help get camp up and running for our first ever summer at our new all-accessible campus.

I’m terrified and so excited. Keep an eye out for more updates about what all I’m working on, because I’m going to need your support in all this. It takes a village.

– Ruth