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The Able Church

Reopening/Covid Update from Pastor Tim:

Hello Able Church. By now many of you have heard that we are going to re-open The Able Church on April 30th. That’s exciting news that we all are really looking forward to. I also wanted to pass on that things are going to look different as compared to the way we did things before covid turned things a bit upside down. So when we reopen we will require everyone to follow these rules so that everyone is kept safe.

1. Everyone will be required to wear a mask at The Able Church and also in the car if you are receiving a ride by an Able driver.

2. When you arrive at Able you will have your temperature scanned and will be asked several medical questions on how you are feeling that day.

3. When you step into the sanctuary you will notice that the chairs are spaced out for social distancing. Please keep yourself spaced out from others unless you are sitting next to someone from your own group home that you are already coming in close contact with.

4. Lastly, we will be doing elbow bumps as our greeting of each other to ensure we are social distancing as required.

I hope you are looking forward to our reunion and ready to get back into the swing of doing church Able style. If you can’t make our service Justin will be live streaming the night and you can catch it on our Facebook page. Hope to see you soon.

-Pastor Tim.

The Mission

The Able Church functions under the mandate of Mark 16:15, to preach the Good News to all people. The Able Church is a growing family, finding God’s strength in our weaknesses. It is centered in the disability culture in the Green Bay area, bringing together people to live in Christian community, learning to depend on God and each other.  It is a place to be discipled in the responsibilities of being in God’s family, where all people can participate as members, leaders, or any way God leads, to be a blessing to the body and to evangelize the world.


The Able Church ministers through opportunities in social growth through special olympic teams, servant opportunities called Able In Action, and ministering in partnership with the ministries of Living Hope Church. Those with and with out disabilities, worship and minister, side by side equally sharing the work of ministry.


The Able Church is governed by Camp Daniel and is pastored by Tim and Janice Mandich, who also serve as Associate Pastors of disability ministry at Living Hope Church.  They are dedicated to being teachers and leaders who recognize, and make a place for, the many gifts that God has uniquely given people with disabilities.


The Able Churches roots began on 2001 with Camp Daniel’s Power House Fellowship in Crivitz, WI. The Fellowship met monthly to give local campers a place to worship, as most did not attend any church. In 2003, Camp Daniel began FireHouse Friends in Howard,  serving the same purpose for campers living in the Green Bay area.  2006 saw the merging of both fellowships into Able Fellowship in Green Bay, WI.  Starting in November of 2007, Able Fellowship moved from being a monthly get together, to becoming The Able Church, with weekly services.  In 2008, The Able Church began a partnership with Living Hope Church in Green Bay, to start the MEGA kids ministry, and began meeting in the Living Hopes building.  The Able Church worship services are each Friday evening, The Able Family Night, each Tuesday evening. Tuesdays include mens and women’s Bible studies, and The Able Attack Special Olympic practices.


The Able Church meets in the gym behind the Living Hope Church.

1840 West Mason Street
Green Bay, WI 54303