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Date Nights are occasional date opportunities for couples of all abilities, ages 18+, who are in dating relationships and want to have a fun night & intentionally grow in their relationship!

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This event is for couples ages 18+ who are in dating relationships and want to have a fun night & intentionally grow in their relationship! Fill out the signup form & Annissa will be in touch about the next event.

Date: October 24, 2022

Activity: Movie Night at Camp Daniel’s Majestic Theater 

Time: 4:30-8:00pm

Address: Camp Daniel – W10541 Army Ln, Athelstane WI 54104 

Cost: $5.00/person (For theater concessions)


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Why have date nights?

After one of our Camp Daniel residents started dating, we got a closer look into navigating dating while having a disability. Their relationship mainly consisted of speaking on the phone and seeing each other when they happened to be at the same social functions. They desired to see each other more and have a deeper relationship but didn’t have the proper resources to do so on their own. After a few months, they asked Evan and me for help as they wanted to go on a real date! So Evan and I stepped into the situation and helped them plan. Later that week, we went mini-golfing and then out to dinner. The four of us had an excellent evening.  We helped with things like transportation, navigating the golf course, understanding the restaurant menu, and handling money. But we also helped by discussing the ins and outs of relationships like opening doors, paying for meals, how to speak to each other, and more. This date was eye-opening and launched us into diving deeper into understanding dating while having a disability.
Due to things like laws and cultural norms, people with disabilities have to navigate relationships very differently. Because of laws, marriage, in the typical sense, is often not a possibility. Cultural norms make things like transportation and visiting each other difficult. We have also found that pop culture, movies, and TV, have created an unrealistic view of love and dating.
Overall there is little education and a lack of opportunity and support, making it difficult for people with disabilities to have loving, healthy relationships.  We want to offer support to those who desire fulfilling and successful relationships. So starting in January, we are launching a NEW program, Camp Daniel Date Nights! These will be monthly group date opportunities for people with disabilities who are in relationships. This new program is to help our campers navigate relationships with support along the way. We will teach the basics, like how to act on a date, to more complex topics. We want to be able to offer fun date opportunities but also to have the opportunity for personal growth. Eventually, we want these date nights to accumulate to a weekend couples retreat. We are excited about the new program and look forward to seeing what it turns into!

– Annissa Hartwig | Camp Daniel Missionary Staff

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