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Farrah Gromala

Pit Crew in Training

Dear Fam & Friends,

Camp is like a second home to me. I have made so many friends that feel more like family. I feel purposeful when I am there. There is no where else I want to be this summer. 


This summer I am dedicating 3 weeks to serve children and adults with disabilities. My aunt Amy is a camper there and last summer I went as a worker to help run all the activities at camp. I decorated for theme meals, ran the snack stand, and so much more! 

 When I am at camp I feel closer with god, camp makes me remember that God loves me and God has a plan for me.

There is a fee that helps cover the cost of my food and lodging while I’m there. If you are interested in helping support my time at Camp Daniel, please consider donating through the link on this page. 

Thank you,