March 10, 2021

Cancelling Summer Camp 2021

With heavy hearts and careful consideration, we inform you that Camp Daniel’s Leadership Team and Board of Directors have made the difficult decision to extend our suspension of all programs…

About Our Summer Camps

Camp Daniel offers campers with disabilities a fun and loving experience that goes beyond a typical camping program. Campers lives are transformed as they encounter the love of God through fun, dedicated and caring individuals who volunteer to serve as counselors. The week long program is designed to bring constant opportunities for social, spiritual, and personal growth through competitive recreation, chapel, small groups, themed meals, talent shows, dances and more. By week’s end each camper understands that God made them, loves them and has a plan for their lives.

Each year over 200 people with disabilities from all around the mid-west spend a week Camp Daniel, having an experience that many describe as the best week of their year. We invite YOU this summer to participate in the excitement of (competitive) recreation, engaging entertainment and building lifelong friends in a inclusive environment.

Theme Meals

At Camp Daniel, we take pride in offering fun activities that everyone can participate in.  That includes themed meals at every lunch and dinner, and 2 breakfasts!  Each unique theme is celebrated with music, costumes, contests, sing alongs, and characters.

Breakfasts:  Breakfast on the Farm & British. 

Lunches:  Hunting Camp, Mexican & Luau. 

Dinners:  50’s, French (formal), Christmas, Pirate, & Western.

Check out Camp Daniel’s Pinterest boards costume ideas!

Camp Daniel's Boards
Competitive Recreation

Every person at camp is put on the red or blue team. Your team spends the week competing in group rec and free time activities and winning points for their team. At the end of the week, the winning team takes home a medal. For many campers, the competition is their favorite aspect of camp.

Group Rec Activities: Relay Races, Kickball & Messy Games.

Free Time Activities:  Swimming, Paddle Boating, Fishing, Archery, Bingo, Bowling,  Game Room, Nature Center, Crafts, Corn Hole, Bocce ball, Carpet ball.


During the evenings, everyone gathers outside around a campfire and participates in different events like; movie night, dance party, award show and talent shows.

Chapel & Small Groups

Twice daily everyone meets as a group to learn about God. Chapel service; where campers participate in worship and a listen to a message. Small group; where campers meet with their cabin and discuss what they have been learning and how to apply it to their lives. By week’s end, each camper understands that God made them, loves them and has a plan for their lives.

Women's Activities

We have specific events geared towards women. High Tea is a fun and relaxing environment for women to gather together to sip tea, eat cookies and enjoy quality time with fellow campers and counselors. Camp also offer a spa day that includes: facials, hand massages, and getting your nails, hair and makeup done for the formalwear dinner.

A Day At Camp

Want to get a better idea of what a day at camp is like? Below is a sample of typical days at Camp Daniel. The schedule features all of the fun theme meals, all-camp rec activities, chapel services, talent shows, free time with several activity choices, and evening dances.


8:15-9:00                       Lumberjack Breakfast
9:15-10:15                       The Able Hour with Pastor Tim
10:30-12:00                   Lumberjack Competition
12:00-1:00                     Lunch
1:00-2:15                        CARNIVAL & horse petting
2:00-4:30                       Snack Shop & gift shop open
2:30-4:30                       FREETIME
2:30-4:00                       Crafts
2:30-3:30                       Red vs. Blue Basketball
2:30-4:00                       Archery
2:30-4:30                       Swimming open
2:30-4:30                       Fishing
3:30-4:30                       Bowling
3:30-5:00                       Bingo
5:15-6:00                        Dinner – Red & Blue Pep Rally
6:15-7:30                        Chapel
7:30                                 Talent
8:00                                 Bonfire and Red/Blue Rally
9:15                                  Camper Lights out


8:15-9:00                      Breakfast
9:15-10:15                     The Able Hour with Pastor Tim (in the chapel)
10:15-10:45                   CSPN (in the chapel)
10:45-12:00                  CSPN Team Sports- 18th Annual Kickball Game
12:00-1:00                     Lunch – Giovanni’s Italian Ristorante
1:30-3:30                       Snack shop & gift shop open
1:00-3:45                       Freetime
1:00-3:30                       Swimming open
1:15-2:00                        Volleyball
1:30-3:00                       Bowling
2:00-3:45                       Fishing
3:00-3:45                       High Tea
3:00-3:45                       Bocce Ball
4:00-5:00                      Talent show auditions & auction
5:15-6:00                       Dinner –Al’s 50’s Diner
6:15-7:45                       Chapel
8:00-9:00                      The Curmudgeon Polka Show & talent auditions,
9:15                                Lights out

I remember the first time I dropped Kristofor off 19 years ago at Camp Daniel for his first time away from me, and I cried and cried all week and I do believe I called camp a few times, and I think I called the next year to, but now 19 years later I drop off and get to enjoy a week of free time and pick him up and he’s all smiles and has had a great time, you guys at camp have no idea how much we appreciate you giving your time to spend with my son, keeping his faith going, keeping him safe and making memories.

RobinMother of Camper

I LOVE my Camp Daniel family! One memory stands out is jumping off the raft, and the famous camp dance. I can't wait until this summer, I'm so excited.


I could write a book of camp stories. I am Chalsee's mom and most of you know she lives there now. That first year back many years ago I left my pigtailed little girl off at camp (back then she was blonde) and cried the entire week. Now I can say she is living with the best extended family there is. This year marks another first for me: leaving Jacob off at Camp but this year I am sending Dean as a camper too. 1 week with no one to care for at home wouldn't be possible without this great place and people.

ShellyMother of Resident