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Moses Wilke

Counselor in Training

Dear Fam & Friends,

I’m excited to share with you that I will be volunteering for four weeks as a counselor at Camp Daniel this year. Camp Daniel is a Christian camp where people with disabilities are able to experience a week of summer camp, where they are shown lots of Jesus’ love and lots of fun. Last summer I was a counselor for two weeks. This was my first year being a counselor, and I had an amazing time with my week 3 camper (one-on-one), and with both my week 4 campers (I was awarded an extra camper– lol).

Counseling at camp focuses on showing God’s love to others while having fun and caring for each camper. It will provide many great experiences and an opportunity for me to use my God-given gifts and talents to serve Him. Last year, I had an amazing time building relationships with other counselors, caring for campers while being a friend, and overall seeing Jesus’ love and service come to life. One more thing this year will do for me is grow my personal relationship with Christ and give me a chance to share the servant heart He has given me with those around me.

Camp Daniel is an amazing place! While I don’t personally have special needs, each of my sibs experience life with disabilities of their own. My family just discovered Camp Daniel a few years ago, and it has made a subtle but long lasting impact on us all. Through my experiences with Camp Daniel and my siblings, I have come to love the disabled community. Having sibs with disabilities has taught me many things, but the biggest lesson I have learned is that they want to experience an amazing life just like you and I. I was skeptical of counseling for the first time as it was a scary and very unknown experience. However, after only two weeks, I learned so much and came away feeling closer to God than I have in a long time. Realizing how He works through people of all abilities at camp is jaw dropping, and I’m on pins and needles praying for what’s next.

You’re reading this letter because of how important you are to me and how you’ve helped me grow as a man and become closer to God. So, first of all, thank you. I ask that you will prayerfully consider supporting me and the work of the Lord; a few ways you can do that are as follows:

– Spiritual support – prayers and encouragement are very much needed and appreciated

– Financial support – room and board is $600 total. This will cover my housing, food, (both provided by Camp Daniel) and other fees over the 4 weeks I will spend at camp. You can donate to me by clicking the ‘Donate to Moses’ button on the lefthand side of the page.

Finally, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be a counselor for four weeks this year. Thank you so, so very much for helping make this experience a possibility; whether you support me financially or spiritually, it is much appreciated.


Moses Wilke